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EasyBCD Community Edition permits you to create a multiboot atmosphere in order to run several operating systems on the very same computer.The application additionally features BCD (Boot Configuration Data) Backup/Repair utilities that supply customers with the possibility to reset the BCD setup or recreate and also fix boot files.

EasyBCD is a system maintenance energy that permits individuals of all expertise levels to take full control over their Windows BCD bootloader, and configure a twin boot in between any type of two variations of Windows operating systems, Linux, Ubuntu, BSD as well as macOS with no problems. This consists of not just setting up your system for an extra OS, however also totally supporting sophisticated features such as upgrading entrances of your old XP partition, debugging Windows Kernel, duplicating your whole OS dividing, or even establishing a huge screening setting that consists of for instance seven examination operating systems, all easily accessible by means of single boot display, Download EasyBCD for PC

While EasyBCD is a necessary tool for each customer that intends to manage dual-boot machine both in their home and also at the workplace, it is additionally renowned for being just one of the very best repair service tools for taking care of damaged or deleted multiboot sequences. Rather than searching for odd commands for repairing boot sequence, EasyBCD can in secs fixing and also make easily accessible your old Windows XP boot series that was lost because of results of various Windows solutions, antivirus or recuperation devices.

To summarize, EasyBCD Community Edition lets customers take complete control over the computer’s boot menu and customize a bunch of boot choices. It can be effectively utilized to repair Windows installments and also to support the bootloader.

Download EasyBCD

Technical :

Version :2.4

Size : 2.18MB

License: Freeware

Requirements : Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Wimdows 8, Windows 10

Download EasyBCD Latest Version – Windows

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